Why Men Love Watching Sports

man cave

Pass me the Cheetos, bro

Ever since the early ages of man, we have enjoyed watching competition amongst the most powerful individuals of our species.  There’s a reason the ol’ Coliseum was rocking back in the day.

There are so many different ways to entertain ourselves in the modern era, yet one form of entertainment continues to bring joy to men and unyielding frustration and apathy to women: sports.

It’s like why a fight or impending possibility of a fight draws such a large crowd no matter where you go: it strikes some kind of primal chord deep down in inside and gets the adrenaline pumping.  You can almost picture a bunch of monkeys jumping up and down and screaming.

We’ve come a long way from hunting woolly mammoths and understanding why square wheels sucked, but homo sapiens – animals – still we are.

Cam Netwon performing his trademark touchdown celebration


I think about the rushing touchdown Cam Newton scored last week against the Giants.  As per usual he did his trademark ‘Superman ripping open his shirt’ celebration.  And you could see him through his helmet let out a yell, a primal scream of domination and aggression.

 This dude knew he was kicking ass and he felt good about it.

I thought quietly to myself that must be the best feeling in the world.  It’s within these games that we find the purest examples of why the human race has progressed to where it is today.  We are fighters, survivors.  Even against the most difficult odds we persevere.

Women see a bunch of barbarians running into each other senselessly – men see the past and possible future success of their entire species.

So next time your wife or girlfriend yells at you for watching football the entire weekend, tell her to read my blog.


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